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Milton's Marilyn: Marilyn Monroe Marries Arthur Miller
May 28th, 2015 3:32 pm     A+ | a-
Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe were married on Thursday, June 28th, 1956. The reception was held the following Sunday.
Photo by Milton H. Greene.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were married by a rabbi in front of Kay Brown's fireplace. Milton placed the traditional glass under the groom's foot, he shattered it, everybody yelled, "Mazeltov," and hugged and kissed. The twenty-odd guests, Arthur's parents, brother and sister, cousins, Milton's mother, Jay and Judy Kanter, George Axelrod, among them, moved to the flagstone terrace, where long tables had been set for the wedding feast. Milton, always comfortable with camera in hand, was twice blessed. He busily took still pictures and also shot a 16-mm movie of the festivities. Miller seems to be scowling in most of the frames. "Arthur was always scowling," says Amy. "I mean, I don't think he's been happy since the day he was born. And Marilyn was having a good time. If she was gonna do it, by God, she was gonna do it. She was effervescent. She was a bride."

         Excerpted from Milton's Marilyn, written by James Kotsilibas-Davis & Directed by Joshua Greene. Published by Moss Run, LTD.
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