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Senator John F. Kennedy for Glamour Magazine
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Senator John F. Kennedy photographed by Milton H. Greene for Glamour magazine.

Glamour magazine did a college issue every year, which celebrated the top ten outstanding females from campuses throughout the country. For the 1960 issue, the art director, Miki Denhof, came up with the idea of photographing each state's Senator with the college winner of his home state. It was a huge undertaking. With 52 girls and 52 senators, Miki divided the job between Milton and four other photographers. Senator John F. Kennedy fell to Milton, who photographed JFK with the winner from Massachusetts. I think JFK gave them maybe 15 minutes, but they were all professionals and the shoot went off without a hitch. So much so that when Milton was assigned by Town & Country to photograph the young Senator and his bride, it was a friendly situation. TRUST.
Mrs. Kennedy asked Milton that if and when the need arose, would he be interested in becoming their personal archivist and he said yes. But when that offer was officially made, Milton had to turn it down. He couldn’t afford to be away from commercial work and his home in New York.

         Excerpted from But That's Another Story, by Amy & Joshua Greene. Published by powerHouse Books.
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