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Oscar Sale - "The Theory of Everything"
February 13th, 2015 12:40 pm     A+ | a-

In 1990, my brother Anthony Greene told me (Joshua) that he was starting a production company in LA. He'd been negotiating with Showtime to create a documentary using Milton's images. Over the next year, Anthony met Gordon Freedman who was the producer of the Stephen Hawking documentary, "A Brief History In Time"

Gordon and Anthony teamed up to create "Marilyn Monroe Life After Death" and hired me as the visual consultant.

This project introduced me to the world of digital restoration, and as a result I met software creators on the cutting edge of this new territory. Photoshop, Live Picture, Corel Paint were some of applications in early stages of development. I also met the guys from Nash Editions, who became my mentors in the world of digital printmaking.

in 1993, Stephen Hawking came to LA to appear in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, named - Descent.

Gordon told us that Stephen was a Marilyn fan and that he had two of Milton's posters in his office at home. We had opportunity to meet Stephen for lunch, where we presented him with a Nash Editions Limited Edition Ballerina print and a 'mocked up' image of Stephen racing towards the camera, with Marilyn in the background - standing by her Cadillac. He was thrilled, appreciative, and very happy.

Soon after this lunch, we received picture of a smiling Stephen in his office with his new favorite pictures. Over time, this mocked up image has been seen in various interviews that have taken place in his home office.

For the Theory of Everything, producers recreated this print and used our good friend Suzie Kennedy in place of Marilyn Monroe.

Now through February 22nd, purchase ‘Marilyn Monroe Ready for an Evening Out’ Advance Continuous Tone (ACT) Print for $100. Regularly priced at $150, this is the image that inspired the Stephen Hawking/Marilyn Monroe photo seen in the Oscar-nominated film “The Theory of Everything.”

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