Paris Fashion Week Story: Nelly Nyad
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French Model Nelly Nyad taken in New York City, 1952 by Milton H. Greene

Paris Fashion Week starts Wednesday, March 4th. In honor of Fashion Week, below is an excerpt about French model Nelly Nyad's relationship with Milton H. Greene from But That's Another Story by Amy & Joshua Greene. 

"The Paris Collections was the topic of conversations everywhere I went in New York. Milt did this. David did that. Joey is crazy. Sally can't keep them under lock and key. Milton had fallen madly in love with a French model, Nelly Nyad. Her lover, a very rich and powerful duke, however, was threatening to shoot Milton and not with a camera. So the entire operation was moved From Paris to Madrid under the cloak of darkness. The pictures were beautiful. Milton was the King of his world.

Destiny, though threw a curve. The House of Balenciaga and the House of Givenchy were all in one mansion. Milton was using the back stairs to get from one floor to the other. He was going up and Nelly Nyad was coming down. They bumped into each other, their eyes met, and they were instantly attracted. Milton tracked her down, asked her to dinner. She said yes and the love affair began. 

Nelly Nyad came to New York to visit. Milton put her up in a suite at the old Savoy Plaza Hotel, which is now the General Motors Building. The lovers were united just like in the romance novels and everything was swell."

          Excerpted from But That's Another Story, by Amy & Joshua Greene. Published by powerHouse Books.

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