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Welcome to the licensing web site of The Archives, LLC. After many years representing a variety of clients, we wanted to streamline the viewing and selection process for our clients. The Archives, LLC currently represents the following photographers: Milton H. Greene, Tom Kelley, Joshua Greene, David Sutton, and Timothy White, along with artist/painter Joe Eula.

The Archives, LLC images must be licensed before use. The content can be licensed for specific, predefined usages, which requires that you identify how, where and to what extent an image is used.

Licenses can be for editorial or commercial purposes and the usage fees are based on the requested usage. Please see below for information concerning editorial or commercial usages.

Please understand that you are not purchasing the image itself, just a license to use an image. You are not allowed to edit or alter images unless authorized in writing from The Archives, LLC.

Identification of copyright owner and agency must be identified in such a way that prevents any doubt of ownership or representation. Omission of such image and copyright information will incur a surcharge of triple of the agreed usage fee. The Archives, LLC will inform you of image and copyright information, which will be stated in your license/invoice.

When licensing an image from The Archive, LLC , you understand that there is limited usage of the image based on the license you are granted.

Images may be stored locally for a limited time, and you must limit access to those persons who are directly involved in creation of the licensed use as set out as part of your invoice. You must also not make images publicly accessible. Following your licensed use, you must cease to use all images and delete/destroy any hard copies and digital files. Images are represented by The Archives, LLC and remain the property of the artist.

Any license granted by The Archives, LLC is on the condition that if necessary you obtain any third-party rights. You agree to provide The Archives, LLC with proof of all such rights upon request. Images may not be used as a trademark, for unlawful purpose, to defame any person, to infringe on privacy, to break any copyright or trade name of any person or entity.

Use of images is limited to the specific usage as set out in your license, unless otherwise specified in writing. This license is only granted on you meeting all conditions imposed in the agreement. Failure to meet these criteria will void any license granted to you and may constitute a violation of copyright law.

The license granted to you is non-transferable; work produced incorporating the image must be for your own use or for the use of your direct employer, client or customer, who must be the end user of the work. Re-selling or re-licensing is not permitted.

Please contact us if you wish to get more information about licensing.

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