The Archives, LLC was originally formed by Joshua Greene, the son of legendary 20th Century celebrity and fashion photographer, Milton H. Greene, as a way for Joshua to protect and restore Milton's photographic legacy.

Milton died in 1985, believing that 80% of his more than 300,000 image collection was lost forever due to film deterioration. Joshua spent decades researching ways to restore his father's photographic collection. After attempting traditional restoration techniques, Joshua was introduced to the miracle of digital restoration. Long before everybody had their own computer and digital camera, Joshua was at the forefront of the digital photography revolution, refining and perfecting his restoration techniques.

Since The Archives were founded in 1994, Joshua and his staff of restoration specialists have digitally restored hundreds of Milton's original images. Realizing the importance of the work, Joshua branched out to offer digital photo services to historical collections as well as private family photos.

We have restored hundreds of images for local clients as well as historical photographs for the Library of Congress. The Archives archival print process also produces state-of-the-art digitally re-mastered prints with a life-span of up to 200 years.

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